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[DVD] “MIND GAME” Perfect Collector's BOX

Our Selling Price: ¥20,407
Weight: 2400g
Available at 20% OFF!! Special discount offer from Beyond Shop Global!

※ Please note that DVDs are NTSC and Region code is 2.  Made for Japanese market.

Don’t miss the first print limited edition.
Newly drawn artworks for the BOX and the digipack by Director Masaaki Yuasa!!
Also the original comic of MIND GAME as well as full-color image board by Director are included!
You will have everything about the world of MIND GAME in your hand with this perfect box!

[Product Details]
・Feature Film “MIND GAME” (English Subtitles available)
・Bonus footage
(Trailer/The film premiere & Greetings/Special Interview/Gallery)
・Picture disk
・ 5.1CH sound

【Special Disc】
・ Bonus Footage (Animatic/Commentary/CG works/Art Gallery/VISUAL REMIX/ Seiichi Yamamoto and Fushigi Robot LIVE VIDEO)

【Extra Sound Track】 About 30 min

Koji Morimoto as the remixer and the director, the whole new REMIX footage of MIND GAME!

“MIND GAME” Original Sound Track by Seiichi Yamamoto and Fushigi Robot

Collaboration of the film and the comic!

▼Bonus Items
・“MIND GAME”Imageboard Book(208 pages/ Full-color)
・“MIND GAME” Storyboard Book(552 pages)
(POST CARDS by Masaaki Yuasa, Robin Nishi, Koji Morimoto, Tatsuyuki Tanaka and others.)
・ Reprint of“MIND GAME”Original Comic

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