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[BOOK] BERSERK Film Artbook: Characters

Our Selling Price: ¥3,456
Weight: 970g

BERSERK Film Artbook: Characters

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B5 size, 224 pages.

“BERSERK FILM ARTBOOK: Characters” covers BERSERK “BERSERK THE GOLDEN AGE ARCI THE HIGH KING'S EGG,” “BERSERK THE GOLDEN AGE ARCII THE BATTLE FOR DOLDREY” and “BERSERK THE GOLDEN AGE ARCIII THE ADVENT.”  The book presents  character designs, layouts and revised key animations by Naoyuki Onda. It's a fascinating book with a generous collection of drawing animations before the films come animated. Also, carefully selected key animations and copyrighted illustrations are included.

Publisher: Beyond C. Co., Ltd.
Language: Japanese

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