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[BOOK] Tekkonkinkreet Film STORYBOARD BOOK

Our Selling Price: ¥2,500
Weight: 775g
A complete book of all 12-volume storyboards!
The cover art is newly drawn by the character designer & animation director Shojiro Nishimi!

Tekkonkinkreet Film STORYBOARD BOOK
A5 size, Soft cover, 672 pages, Retail price 2,500 yen (Texts are in Japanese.)
*The Storyboard Book is only available on this web shop.
*Available for a limited number.

This year is the 10th anniversary of film “Tekkonkinkreet” since its theatrical release.
There will be exciting new items, new Apps, exhibitions and screenings. Stay tuned to the latest news!

FILM “TEKKONKINKREET” 10th Anniversary Special Website

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